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Alaska Island Superlatives


Alaska has thousands of islands.  It has more large islands than any other state, and it has the largest total island area of any state.




Largest island

The largest island in Alaska is Kodiak Island, with an area of 3,588 sq mi / 9,293 sq km.  It is the 2nd largest island of the United States.


Lake island

Alaska’s largest lake island is Porcupine Island, at the east end of Iliamna Lake, at 5 sq mi / 13 sq km.


River island

Alaska has many large river islands, some of more than 20 square miles, especially in the Yukon River.  However, their shifting nature makes their areas difficult to measure precisely





With tens of thousands of islanders, Alaska has an unusually high percentage of its population living on islands.  Alaska is also unusual in that its most populous island is unbridged.


Most populous island

The most populous island in Alaska is Revillagigedo Island, site of the town of Ketchikan, with about 13,000 people.  Kodiak Island is a close second, with slightly fewer than 13,000 inhabitants as of 2008. 


Most populous unbridged island

Alaska has more inhabited, unbridged islands than most other states.  The most populous of these is Kodiak.


Most populous freshwater island / river island

Garden Island in Fairbanks is the most populous river island in the state.  Formed by the Chena River and its offshoot Noyes Slough, it hosts several residential areas.





Tallest island

Alaska’s tallest island is Unimak Island, which rises 9,414 feet / 2,869 meters from sea level to the top of Shishaldin Volcano.


Tallest lake island

Porcupine Island in Iliamna Lake is Washington’s tallest lake island: it rises 508 feet / 113 meters above lake level.


Tallest river island

Farm Island, in the Stikine River delta near Mitkof, rises 2,492 feet / 760 meters, but it is partly surrounded by sea.


Most common name

The most common name for islands in Alaska is "Long Island," with 11 examples.


Largest island on an island

Alaska has several of the largest islands on another island in the United States.  The largest is in Hasselborg Lake, on Admiralty Island, with an area of about 56 acres / 23 hectares.


Lowest island

Alaska has no islands below sea level.







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