Basic island data


Location: Fox River, Menasha and Neenah, Wisconsin


Coordinates: 44.19° N, 88.45° W


Area: 1.1 sq mi / 2.9 sq km


Population: 3,846 (2000)


Alternate names:

– Doty’s Island



– Coordinates:

– Area: measurements from US Geological Survey map

– Population: American FactFinder, U.S. Census Bureau

– History: “Doty, James Duane 1799 – 1865,” Dictionary of Wisconsin History, Wisconsin Historical Society, viewed August 2008; National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, historical marker, September 1931.



Doty cabin, Doty Island, WisconsinDoty Island


In northeast Winnebago County, Wisconsin, Doty Island is divided between the cities of Menasha to the north and Neenah to the south.  The island lies between two branches of the Fox River as it flows northwest out of Lake Winnebago, which laps its east end.


Its 1.1 square miles are heavily developed, with leafy residential sections on the eastern half and at the west end, and a business district cutting across the center.  Multiple road and railroad bridges connect the island to the mainland from north and south.  With some 3,800 inhabitants, Doty is one of the most populous islands of Wisconsin.


Doty has several parks, including Doty Park and Smith Park.  The Isle of Valor, a small memorial park islet, lies off the island’s north center, and is accessible by footbridges.  Doty’s north side features industrial facilities, a marina, Menasha’s water tower, and a sewage disposal facility.


The island was settled in the nineteenth century and was well-developed by the 1870s.  Former governor James Doty moved to the island in 1845, and his cabin, the “Grand Loggery” (pictured above), is still on the island, in Doty Park on the south side, where it was moved in 1926.




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